Who Is Jesus?

The most important question that anyone can ask is this, “Who is Jesus?” The answer to that question has significant implications on who we worship, how we live our lives, and how we run our church. Your answer to that question is paramount!  

Many have different ideas regarding that question and their answers come from different sources, like teachers and professors in the public school system, their social circle, popular media, personal belief systems and even Christmas carols.  


While some of those sources may bear some truth, they are not as reliable as the ultimate source on Jesus, the Bible. Just as Hollywood focuses on movies or an Opera singer focuses on opera, the Bible's focus and expertise is on Jesus.

At Coastal, we teach what the Bible says about Jesus, because ultimately, we believe he represents true transformation in every aspect of your life once you acknowledge and surrender to what the Bible teaches about Jesus. 

The Bible Teaches 

  • Jesus is God: John 1:1 

  •  Jesus, involved in creation: John 1:3 

  •  Jesus as the only way to the Father: John 14:6 

  • Jesus, as the ultimate the forgiver : Luke 5:17-26 

  • Jesus, as the ultimate life giver: John 3:16 

  • Jesus as the ultimate defender of social justice: Luke 4:18-19 

  • Jesus as your ultimate friend: John 15:12-15 

  • Jesus will come back again: John 14:1-4